Friday, October 15, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons Shoot Breeze With Jon Chattman

Earlier this week, Semi Precious Weapons sat down with John Chattman of to discuss
the 'Dirty Showbiz' tour, Monster Ball, GaGa, and Madonna. Check it out y'all.

Part I:

Part II::

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Semi Precious W..allpapers.

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Justin B&W
Justin Color
Stevy B&W
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Cole B&W
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Dan B&W
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Enter to Win: Fetty!

To celebrate Semi Precious Weapons' Dirty Showbiz Tour (get the tour dates below), we're giving away a little piece of Semi Precious Weapons. One lucky winner will score this Fetty oxidized sterling silver "bitten" heart pendant with six small colored diamonds on a delicate 25-inch cable chain, designed by Semi Precious Weapon frontman and designer Justin Tranter for Fetty's Semi Precious Weapons collection, a total value of $475! (And you not so lucky ones can nab one for yourself online at Barneys!) Instructions after the jump!

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Urban Nomad Kicks it With SPW

Semi Precious Weapons on Bullying

As you can probably guess based on pretty much, well, everything about them, the guys of Semi Precious Weapons weren't exactly your average high school kids. Because of that, they were bullied just like every other teen who dares to stray from the social norm, and it's why, in light of the suicide of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi — and a host of other gay teen deaths in recent months — they decided to tell their stories to MTV News.

SPW hope that, much like the message of the "It Gets Better" campaign, they can convince their fellow outcasts that, yes, life does improve once high school is over. Very much so, in fact.

"In every school, there's always the kid who gets it the worst, and I was, for sure, that kid," frontman Justin Tranter said. "Every time you had to get in a line that was boys and girls, it was like my worst nightmare. A lot of kids I know got made fun of for being gay; that was not my issue, I was just called a girl endlessly. I definitely was that kid. And when I went to high school, my first semester in public high school, it actually got very, very violent, to the point where I had to switch schools," he continued. "But luckily, I'm really blessed because my family was so cool that I never really felt bad about it ... [and] I used it as motivation to do something cooler. So instead of just switching schools, I convinced my parents to let me go to the arts high school in the city, and I had to audition and get in, and it was a very nerve-racking experience, because not only did I want to go to an arts school, but I needed to leave the school."

But while Tranter was picked on for his gender issues, SPW bassist Cole Whittle's experience was a bit different. He was both bully and the bullied, which gives him a rather unique perspective on things.
"I went through a period where I realized what a little a--hole I was, and went around my middle school and actually apologized to a bunch of kids. And then, in high school, I wouldn't say I was bullied, but being a musician wasn't cool," he explained. "I went from being a jock and a wrestler to being a musician over a summer. I showed up dressed like Kurt Cobain, and my friends were like, 'What the?' So, it has nothing to do with orientation, it just has to do with 'you don't look exactly like me,' and I think that's terrible.

"And also, bullying is worse now than it's ever been in human history, because now you can be a cowardly bully. ... Making fun of a kid 20 years ago in front of his face was bullying, but now you can sit at home and be an anonymous bully and reach three times the audience with your stupid computer," he continued. "Back in the day, the worst thing you could do was have four people on speakerphone and call some kid a loser, and it's like, 'Aw, that sucks.' But now it's getting to the point where it literally can cripple you. So if anybody has a bully they want to send to me, I'll choke him out, immediately."

And obviously, both men are living proof that life does get better once high school ends. They tour the world with Lady Gaga, party hard (and often) and command a loyal legion of fans. In fact, they consider themselves, as Tranter puts it, "the coolest guys on the planet." So much so that they wrote a song about their experiences — one that has become an anthem for their fellow outcasts.

"We have a song called 'Statues of Ourselves,' and now, when we're playing these headline shows, we look out, and whether it's girls who are overweight, or whether it's teens with gender issues, or whether it's the jock dude at our show who feels slightly out of place in our world, when that song starts, you can see [it] in people's faces," Tranter said. "This song it kind of, for me at least, it's my personal anthem and my friends' anthem, that it doesn't matter that people think we're losers, we think we're cool enough that we're going to build statues of ourselves."

And if all of that isn't enough, Whittle has one last piece of advice for anyone who's being bullied or feels like they just can't go on.

"Just know that the guys picking on you or saying sh--, one day, they'll be sitting in a Cheesecake Factory somewhere staring at their wife," he laughed. "And you'll be doing what we get to do every night. Trust me."

Credit: MTV.COM

Join MTV, Brittany Snow and the Jed Foundation (with support from, the Trevor Project, Reach Out, Active Minds and the Ad Council) in spreading the word that Love Is Louder. Upload your videos of support to and tweet your message with the hashtag #LoveIsLouder.

Semi Precious Weapons Talk 'Born this Way'

Being the opening act on Lady Gaga's never-ending Monster Ball Tour has afforded the gentlemen in Semi Precious Weapons some rather, uh, unique opportunities, the overwhelming majority of which we can't print here.

But there are perks besides the debauchery too — like getting to hear Gaga's ultra-anticipated new album Born This Way, which isn't due until next year. And after some prodding, we got SPW frontman Justin Tranter to give us a few details about the album, which, from the sound of things, is shaping up to be quite an experience.
"It's bold and it's beautiful," Tranter said. "Obviously, none of it's done, so I can't really speak on it, but the stuff she has played me is really, really beautiful and really, really bold."

That echoes what Gaga herself said about the album earlier this year, when she promised that Born This Way would feature "a lot of hit records that will piss people off." And she didn't stop there either.

"This album is my absolute greatest work I've ever done, and I'm so excited about it," she told RWD magazine. "The message, the melodies, the direction, the meaning, what it will mean to my fans and what it will mean in my own life — it's utter liberation."

And that sense of liberation stuck with Tranter too. Because based on what he's heard, Born This Way is definitely going to set some people free.

"Gaga was so excited when she found out the title of our album, You Love You. She couldn't believe it, because it fit so well into the idea of the Monster Ball and the ideas she's exploring on this album," he said. "Everything she says is that she really wants her new album to feel like freedom — that's what she keeps saying over and over."


Friday, October 1, 2010

Do You Have Your Tickets Yet?

Dirty. Fucking. Showbiz. Do you have your tickets yet? Check out some of the videos below to get a little taste of the glam buffet that is the Semi Precious Weapons' 'Dirty Showbiz Tour' also starring Breedlove and Lady Starlight. They still have quite a few more headlining dates! SO BUY YOUR TICKETS! What are you waiting for?

Semi Precious Weapons are serving up the glaMOUR this fall with their headlining tour with opening artists, Lady Starlight & Breedlove. Check out the dates listed below to see if SPW is coming near you. 

10/2/2010 - Wrong Bar - Toronto, ON, CAN -- BUY TICKETS!

10/3/2010 - Belmont - Montreal, CAN -- BUY TICKETS!

10/5/2010 - North Star Bar - Philadelphia, PA, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

10/7/2010 - Rock & Roll Hotel - Washington, DC -- BUY TICKETS!

10/8/2010 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

10/9/2010 - Royale Club - Boston, MA - -- BUY TICKETS!
Semi Precious Weapons have just announced a date for a headline show in London at the London O2 Academy2 Islington on Wednesday, December 15th! Hopefully they add more headlining dates - We'll Keep you posted! You can buy your tickets here!