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Semi Precious Weapons JBTV Sneak Peak

Semi Precious Weapons will be paying a visit to JBTV next week including a full performance on their High-def sound stage as well as an interview with Jerry Bryant! Stay Tuned!

Justin and Cole Polaroided


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Fetty Update: New Items and Items on Sale

Fetty has added a few more GORGEOUS items to the Barney's site for purchase as well as a great deal on some jewelry! Check it out after the Jump and stay tuned this Summer when Fetty releases even more items for purchase!

NYMag Interviews Justin Tranter

Semi Precious Weapons’ Justin Tranter on Gaga Before She Was GagaBack before Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga, she was opening for Semi Precious Weapons, the best filthy-glamour band in New York. (Okay, maybe the only one: Justin Tranter, the group’s lead feather boa and pink stilleto–wearing diva, is the guy who popularized the term "filthy glamour" in the first place.) Now Semi Precious Weapons are returning the favor, bringing their fabulous, glitter-smeared, disco-rock dance party on the road with Gaga’s Monster Ball tour, which brings them to Madison Square Garden on July 6 and 7. We spoke to Tranter about the band’s new album, You Love You, (due June 22), dancing with J.Lo, and making Quentin Tarantino sticky.

You knew Lady Gaga long before she asked you to open for her on the Monster Ball tour. She even made a cameo in the video for your song "Magnetic Baby." What was she like back then?
Exactly the same, except brunette. We were throwing these huge parties in New York that were attended by 500 to 800 people, and we were looking for people to open for us. Our mutual friend Lady Stardust told us about Gaga, so we checked out her MySpace page and there was a video of her in her panties lighting hairspray on fire. We thought: This is the girl. The first time she opened for us, she got so drunk that she left her keyboard stand, her disco ball, and one Lucite stripper pump behind, so we took them to our loft. She and her mom came to retrieve them, and we’ve been partying together ever since.

What’s been the highlight of the Monster Ball tour so far? I heard you partied with Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino.
Yeah, I thought they’d be sitting in the VIP section, but there they were in the second row, singing every word to every song. Afterward, Quentin got mad at me because I wouldn’t agree to feed him Champagne, but I was nervous! I didn’t know if it would be okay to just open his mouth and pour! I was afraid he’d get sticky.

There’s a song on your new album where you sing, “I can’t pay my rent, but I’m fucking gorgeous.” Is that true, about not being able to pay your rent?
Yeah, I got evicted a year ago. You can watch it on YouTube. I was living with a bunch of artists in this amazing loft in Greenpoint and I hadn’t paid rent in ages, so the landlord forced me out. It’s too bad, because it was an amazing space. It was 1,800 square feet and I had a baby-grand piano and everyone would paint on the walls. There were multiple massive portraits of me, because what else do you want to look at on a Tuesday during brunch but a giant blowup of my face? Other bands would practice there, too, but not the cool Brooklyn bands. MGMT and Grizzly Bear hate me because I’m too attractive. [Laughs.]

You’ve also got great style. Where do you get your stripper shoes?
Well, I used to get them from sex shops in New York. I’d go to this place on Avenue A that’s like 10,000 DVDs and two bras and four pairs of heels. But now [shoe designer] Stuart Weitzman is a fan of the band, so I’ve convinced him to make me ten different pairs of the same ten-inch stilettos. My favorites are nude patent leather. I’m all about bringing back nude, like Sharon Stone in Sliver.

Is it true that your jewelry line, Fetty, helps support your band?
Yeah, I started making necklaces as band merch for our first show. Our logo was a gun and a heart, so I made these gun-and-heart necklaces and my friends flipped out. Urban Outfitters bought it — 3,000 pieces in three weeks! So I started making fourteen-karat-gold ones and diamond zodiacs and diamond Braille necklaces for Barneys. Now you can see them on Kim Kardashian, Taylor Momsen, and Kate Moss.

Kate Moss recently invited you to a Topshop VIP party, and you also went to the Met’s Costume Institute Gala. Which was the best party?
Definitely the Topshop party, because I spent the evening dancing with Kate, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony. But the best party in New York City right now is Lady Starlight’s night at Royalton on Tuesdays. It’s such a weird scene: You’ll see all these freaky kids in the lobby of a hotel in midtown, and there’s this lady D.J.-ing metal from the eighties. It should be so wrong, but it’s so right.

Between J.Lo, Kate Moss, and Marc Anthony, who’s the best dancer?
I’m the best dancer! I can do the splits.

I’ve heard you say that when you first started out, some label rep told you that you’d never sell records. What would you like to say to that label rep now?
Well, we’re on a different label now, but that was when we did a showcase for Columbia, and a certain head honcho just thought there was no way a man in high heels would ever be on radio. It was sad for me. Rock and roll is supposed to be dangerous. I’m not saying that the whole world needs to be filled with kids who have total gender confusion, but those kids need someone to relate to; they need something their parents will hate. We want to be the most loved and hated band in the world, and Gaga’s opening that door for us.

Source: NYMag

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You Love You Available for U.S. Pre-Order

Attention U.S. Weapons! Pre-Order Semi Precious Weapons Upcoming Album, 'You Love You' and receive an autographed album booklet!!!

Click Here to Pre-Order!

Room 13 Interviews Semi Precious Weapons

Way back at SXSW 2007, we stumbled across a band from Brooklyn who impressed quite a bit with their live show filled with energetic, rocking, sexy music. Now the rest of the world is finally waking up and discovering Semi Precious Weapons are here to make Rock n Roll beautiful once again. Just before flying on to Sweden to join up as support to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball, a support slot that is taking them all over the globe, the band had a 30 hour stay in London, which included an intimate gig, we managed to meet up with Justin Tranter (vocals), Cole Whittle (bass), Dan Crean (drums) and Stevie Pyne (guitar), who was playing with a Japanese noise machine at Polydor’s office for a chat.

R13: How are you finding the UK? You have played London before but not the rest of the UK until the last Lady Gaga tour?

JUSTIN: We love it, we had a great time in Manchester, which was awesome

DAN: Awesome

JUSTIN: what was that town I had a blast in, that there was no reason I should have had a blast in?

DAN: Cardiff?

JUSTIN: I had a blast in Cardiff

COLE: We all did, we were wild in Cardiff

JUSTIN: For us it is always more exciting in the smaller cities. People in the smaller cities are much more excited, it is the same in America like we love playing to St Louis people who will go fucking nuts. For us to play in other cities in the UK is really fun. The audiences are just much happier to be alive.

COLE: People are spoiled in the cultural centres, even if their mum was on stage they would be like ‘fuck you’.

JUSTIN: We really enjoy it and we are so glad that we are coming back again.

R13: How are you finding the crowds compared to America?

JUSTIN: It depends, it changes city by city. People are more willing to take a risk on our band here, they are more open to things that are different but the people in America who have found us are fucking crazy. No matter where we go the people who have found us always seem ready to have a great time.

COLE: We are good at finding the crazy’s

JUSTIN: Or the crazy’s keep finding us

R13: Every time I look on the internet it just seems like an explosion of Semi Precious Weapons craziness

COLE: Arrgghhhh

R13: How are you finding the rest of the world, especially after playing Australia, New Zealand and Japan?

COLE: We did really well in New Zealand and Australia

JUSTIN: It is so exciting to see that, especially in New Zealand and Australia even radio stations really got behind us immediately, which we are not fucking used to. I just think it is amazing that the radio over there are willing to take a chance and play Jay Z, play Lady Gaga and then play Semi Precious Weapons. People don’t really care, in other countries we find, especially in America and the UK a little bit, people are really confused that we look like this and are a rock band, they want us to be electro or they want us to be whatever but in New Zealand and Australia they didn’t even flinch "oh you make Rolling Stones inspired rock n roll, awesome" no questions, no worries.

COLE: "You look like homeless people from the future, awesome"

R13: What is the best gig you have played so far on this Lady Gaga tour?

COLE: that’s tough, really fucking tough

DAN: Some of our favorite cities, that’s probably easier, I love the soccer. Japan was amazing.

JUSTIN: I would say the best gig was probably in New Zealand for us, in Auckland, just because we had already been on the radio there, we had already been on TV there, so everyone there knew us, maybe weren’t huge fans of ours yet but they knew who we were which makes a huge fucking difference because when you are playing to 15,000 people and only 2,000 of them have even heard your name if we are lucky, it takes a lot longer to get the audience crazy but in Auckland from the first note they knew exactly what was going down and it was amazing.

DAN: and the O2 shows were nuts.

JUSTIN: Well Dublin was fucking amazing.

COLE: All of them were great!

R13: You have that massive intimate feel to your shows, how are you capturing that on the larger stages?

JUSTIN: We are kind of doing the exact same show, we are lucky that they are in the big arenas, there are screens to make my face really really large, we bring 12 foot champagne bottles on stage with us in the arenas but besides that.

COLE: We are a really loud band so making us louder can only improve things.

JUSTIN: We want people to think, as you say, it is a bar show and we do the best we can to be as filthy as we can and break as many rules. In these arenas there are so many rules about you can’t go offstage, you can’t feed minors champagne and all this dumb things.

COLE: Which sucks for us as all we do is hurt ourselves on stage now, I’m looking down at an 11 year old and punching myself in the face and she is “awww”

JUSTIN: Actually that is really true, we just beat ourselves up and beat each other up more to try and get people to feel that bar ridiculousness

DAN: But before what Lady Gaga show is, this huge high tech production, seeing us just like, tumbleweed rolling around, crazy, we are no more than 3 feet apart from each other playing rock n roll, where every sound you hear we are actually making and I think that it translates really well, in a huge venue.

R13: Do you prefer the bigger stage where you can play to more people or the bar type?

COLE: We love both, just different things.

DAN: The crazy thing is going back playing smaller stages after having played a string of these arenas. Like when we went back to LA to play the Roxy it was like oh shit, it’s like beating up your little cousin to make him feel you are in such control.

COLE: Beat that cousin

JUSTIN: Beating up your little cousin, playing small clubs is like playing beating up your little cousin but playing the arenas we are the ones getting beat up

COLE: We’re the little cousins

JUSTIN: The best thing about playing arenas is that it is such an opportunity, the fact that Gaga is bringing a real filthy rock band on tour with her and we get to play to thousands of people every night is nuts.

COLE: Because we wouldn’t bring ourselves

JUSTIN: So the fact that she brought us is pretty ballsy

R13: How would you describe your sound to someone who is coming along for the first time?

JUSTIN: We would describe it as real rock n roll and dirty fucking showbiz

COLE: and loud band

JUSTIN: Real rock n roll, dirty showbiz and loud band or champagne and guitar solos

COLE: Tit hunters!

R13: How did you feel when you got signed and more importantly how did you celebrate?

JUSTIN: It was Ron Fair, who is chairman of Geffen Records, he heard a verse and chorus of ‘Magnetic Baby’ and put us on a plane and by us I mean these two (Dan and Stevie) sadly had to drive our van from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City on a day off between shows while Cole and I flew to LA to meet with Ron Fair and he was just amazing, we met him on the Thursday and on the Monday we were in the Ocean Way Studios making a record with Jack Joseph Puig, which is a dream come true. To celebrate we didn’t really do anything, we were so shocked.

DAN: We didn’t really have time to celebrate, we had to fly back and play a fucking gig and then drive 40 hours straight back to LA.

COLE: And at that point we were like abused animals so we didn’t really believe it was happening

JUSTIN: We were sure something was going to go wrong.

COLE: Even when we set foot in the studio and they told us we were making our entire record right then, we were like no way this is real, they are not recording, there is no way that fucking tape is on.

JUSTIN: Yeah, we celebrated by Cole and I flying to Salt Lake to play a show and driving 40 hours to LA, that was our celebration.

COLE: I threw up in a Mexican restaurant that day.

JUSTIN: You did, literally an hour after we left Ron Fair’s office he puked in a Mexican restaurant

COLE: That’s how I like to celebrate any fine occasion, eat Mexican food and puke

R13: Was a good Mexican then?

COLE: Yeah, she was!

R13: Does this mean the end of the jewelry business?

JUSTIN: As I am sure you know, the jewelry was started just a way to pay for the band and music is my first love but when making the jewelry to pay for the band I realized I actually enjoyed doing it and people really liked buying it so we are going to keep it going, why not. I won’t have the time to sit there and make it all by hand like i used to but it will still exist.

COLE: I’m gonna miss the sweatshop, I think we should do a sweatshop a month.

JUSTIN: We had some good times sweat shopping

COLE: One solid 14 hour day might be better than all 14 hour solid days for 2 years. I don’t know, I am not sure how to live this life yet.

R13: You’ve got the new album coming out?

JUSTIN: June 22nd

R13: What can we expect on it, are some of the old tracks going to be on there?

JUSTIN: We re-did some of the old tracks, just because we had the opportunity in this amazing studio with this amazing producer to make our dream album. So some of the songs that we really love we wanted to do them how we heard them in our heads but never could afford to make them happen and then there are some new songs and I think for people who have been fans of ours for a while, there’s going to be some stuff that they will be really surprised about like that there is a huge amazing ballad with an orchestra and then the is also the last song on the album is like a really creepy, intimate, fucked up love song if you will but it is really mellow and beautiful, there is as far as most of the world is concerned will be the first thing they have heard from Semi Precious Weapons but as far as we are concerned it is more like new stuff for us.

R13: Hopefully this will mean the end of all the evictions in New York

JUSTIN: Hopefully we will no longer get evicted but I doubt it!

COLE: It’s hard to get evicted when you are homeless

JUSTIN: that’s true, we have no apartments right now.

R13: When are we going to see a UK headline tour?

JUSTIN: We are on tour with Gaga for a long long time, thank God, but there always seems to be a couple of weeks off in her schedule, like in the last couple of weeks we had not been in America for so long we went and did a small headline tour in America and so I am sure we will do a small UK headline tour at some point, hopefully in the next 6 months

DAN: Basically when we get a chance we will do a UK headline tour

COLE: We are just waiting for the UK to demand it

R13: We will make one demand, bring Nico Vega over with you, it’s about time they came over here

JUSTIN: Aren’t they amazing

COLE: Awesome

DAN: Great fucking band

JUSTIN: So great

R13: Justin, you have always considered yourself to be the most beautiful person in the world, which is obviously true, who would you consider to be the 2nd most beautiful person?

JUSTIN: Sharon Stone

R13: Any reason for Sharon Stone?

JUSTIN: Because she is the woman in the world

COLE: I will answer that, because she looks like him!

JUSTIN: That’s why she is the 2nd most beautiful, actually Sharon and I may be tied

COLE: J-Lo is too, right?

JUSTIN: J-Lo is maybe number two and me and Sharon Stone are tied for number one.

R13: And your favorite outfit you have ever worn on stage?


JUSTIN: I’ve just got this new jacket which I am obsessed with, a long time ago a friend of mine, Tommy, got me a jacket, basically this exact jacket but in black but now as I only wear the color nude our friend Jimmy had it re-made and I have two of them in two slightly different nude colors and I think for sure these are the favorite thing I have ever worn or I wore a cape of myself at the Bowery Ballroom, those are ties.

R13: If you was a kangaroo, what would you have in your pouch?

JUSTIN: that is the best question I have heard

DAN: Kangaroo Jerky, I don’t know

JUSTIN: You would have kangaroo jerky in your own kangaroo pouch?

DAN: Yeah, I am a cannibal

JUSTIN: Well Dan would have kangaroo jerky in his own kangaroo pouch and I would probably have............Sharon Stone, I would have Sharon Stone in my pouch

COLE: I would put my own little fucking cousin in there so I could beat his arse whenever I wanted

STEVIE: You’re looking at me aren’t you? Keeping me entertained.

COLE: Stevie’s answer is a circuit bent Japanese noise machine

DAN: Why don’t you tell him what you are doing?

STEVIE: You know, just messing around.

COLE: Semi Precious Weapons, just messing around.

R13: Thank you so much for your time

SPW: Thank you, see you soon

Semi precious Weapons will support Lady Gaga on her UK dates later this month, so if you are going to see the Gaga, make sure you get there early for lots of rock n roll filthy fun.

Source: Room 13

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Semi Precious Weapons - Bercy

Check out these awesome pics and vids of Semi Precious Weapons Dominating Bercy! Photos after the jump courtesy of the fabulous

Factory Fox Interview With Album Sneak Peaks!

Great Interview from! Listen close for a snippet of Sticky With Champagne!

Listen Close for a Preview of Statues of Ourselves from the upcoming album 'You Love You'

'You Love You' Available for Pre-Order

You Love You, produced by Jack Joseph Puig (Green Day/Beck) and executively produced by Lady Gaga is FINALLY available for pre-order at, get your copy ordered NOW!Take a look at the track listing below!

1. Semi Precious Weapons
2. Put A Diamond In It
3. Magnetic Baby
4. Statues Of Ourselves
5. Sticky With Champagne
6. I Could Die
7. Leave Your Pretty To Me
8. Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
9. Look At Me

Semi Precious Diaries 10: Japan Part II

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Semi Precious Weapons in Antwerp

Big thanks to for the spectacular pictures they provided. Visit their website for a front row look at the Monster Ball as well as some uber-fab updates on Gaga! Follow them on twitter too!

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Semi Precious Diaries Japan

Concert Riff Raff

"Liebes Publikum" - so hatte sich bereits der Sänger der im Vorprogramm spielenden Glam-Rock-Band Semi Precious Weapons, Justin Tranter, an seine Hörer gewandt - "sollten Sie Kinder mitgebracht haben, bitte fühlen Sie sich von unseren offensiven Sexdarstellungen nicht provoziert! Danken Sie uns vielmehr dafür, dass Ihr Nachwuchs schon so früh in Kontakt mit den wahren Wonnen des Rock'n'Roll gelangt." Anschließend benässte Tranter, der im Hauptberuf ein erfolgreicher Juwelenschmuckdesigner ist, die vorderen Reihen mit Champagnerfontänen; es sei ja seine Aufgabe, das Publikum "heiß und feucht" für Lady Gaga zu machen."

Which according to google translates to...

"Dear audience" - that had been the singer of the opening act playing glam rock band Semi Precious Weapons, Justin Tranter, appealed to his listeners - "you should have brought children, please feel of our offensive sex resulting from male unprovoked! thank us rather that your children get up so early in contact with the true delights of rock and roll. " Then benässte Tranter, who is the main occupation, a successful jewelry designer, the front rows with champagne fountains and that it was indeed his task of making the audience to 'hot and humid "for Lady Gaga."

...You get the picture

More Videos after the Jump!

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MTV Iggy Interviews Semi Precious Weapons

Have you found yourself missing the days of raw, hard, true glam rock? Well time to stop reminiscing about the bands of the 1970’s — filthy, gorgeous New York City rockers Semi Precious Weapons are here!
With one eponymous EP, the full-length album We Love You, and another on the way this summer, the guys behind SPW plunge a high, pointy, sparkly stiletto heel deep into the heart of New York’s anemic, bearded indie rock scene.  Fronted by the ever-glamorous Justin Tranter and supported by members Cole Whittle, Dan Crean and Stevy Pyne, the band is known for giving superstar Lady Gaga her start — she opened for them back in 2007 as they played gigs all over the city’s Lower East Side and even appeared in their original video for “Magnetic Baby.”

More After the Jump.....

Semi Precious Weapons Fan Project

Ryan and Laura, the webmasters of our fellow fansite Semi Precious News have an amazing project in store:
"Semi Precious Weapons through their music, style, fashion, and fierceness inspire us so much. Now is your chance to tell the band how they have inspired you by showing them,  We are doing a fan project were you will be able to submit videos, images, letters and artwork to the band.

Send us a video of yourself doing something Semi Precious. It can be a message to the band,  a cover of one of their songs, a dance routine, a make-up tutorial, it can be anything you like as long as it is Semi Precious Weapons inspired.
All of which will be put on a DVD

Submit a Semi Precious Weapons inspired by photo, this can be anything from a picture of yourself, artwork, a picture with the band or anything you would like the band to see.
All of which will be presented in a photo album ‘The Book of Weapons’

You can submit a letter to the band, all of which will be printed and placed in a folder.
To submit any or all of the above please email us your submissions to

The deadline for this project is the 26th of May 2010. You have 13 days to submit something so get filthy and get creative. We look forward to seeing your submissions.
Ryan and Laura

Turn in all submissions before deadline! Let's make this the fiercest fucking gift ever!

Justin Tranter and Lady Gaga at the Laboratory Club in Berlin

Justin Tranter and Miss Gaga were spotted at the Laboratory Club in Berlin on Tuesday night, gettin' their bondage on!

Photos: Courtesy of

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Separated at Birth: Justin Tranter & Trina

Just kidding! But we're glad that Trina can pick up some style tips from our favorite/only "genderless sea creature"

Semi Precious Weapons Continue on Monster Ball Thru 2011

with special guests
Semi Precious Weapons

North American Tour Extension 2011 Itinerary
February 19 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall On sale May 14
February 26 Pittsburgh, PA Consol Energy Center On sale May 14
March 3 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre On sale May 17
March 8 Boston, MA TD Garden On sale May 14
March 25 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand On sale May 15
April 8 Houston, TX Toyota Center On sale May 14
April 9 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena On sale May 15
April 12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Bank Atlantic Center On sale May 17
April 13 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena On sale May 17
April 18 Atlanta, GA Gwinnett Center On sale May 14

Additional cities, venues, and on-sale information to be announced. Itinerary subject to change.
For complete tour and ticket information visit: the EVENTS page and

When Style Meets Music: Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons

"I first saw Semi Precious Weapons (SPW) live a few weeks ago at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Taking a brief hiatus from their world tour with Lady Gaga, SPW used their downtime to headline their own 4 city American mini-tour (traveling with my friends, Nico Vega). Comprised of Justin Tranter (vocals), Stevy Pyne (guitar), Cole Whittle (bass) and Dan Crean (drums) - it didn't even take 10 seconds before these boys kicked, roared, twirled, gyrated, serenaded, freaked and rocked their ways into my heart. And I wasn't alone. Tranter commands a crowd like Jesus commands a church service on Easter Sunday... like Oprah commands suburban housewives. It's hypnotic and dazzling and loud and glamorous.

Not to be discounted as a member of the SPW team is visual director, Jimmy Knehans - and since this is an installment in the When Style Meets Music series, I find Knehan's contribution to be pretty damn relevant. The visual aesthetics are half the presentation with SPW. They say what they mean and mean what they say, and look how they sound and sound how they look... and mean what they look and sound how they mean and say how they sound. Yeah, it's true. Between the sound and the look and the intention behind it all, this band truly is the perfect marriage of style and music. Here we go - the incomparable - Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons.

Mihal Freinquel: So tell me, who is Justin Tranter?

Justin Tranter: I am a genderless sea creature who has been writing and studying music since I was 12. I love songs, Patty Larkin, Sharon Stone, Mae West and Marilyn Monroe. My choice of shoe upsets people a lot more than my filthy mouth.

MF: Who are the Semi Precious Weapons?

JT: We met in music school. We are music school geeks who found sex, NYC and fashion. Thank God! We play rock 'n' roll - and we think rock 'n' roll should be dangerous, amazing, and attractive.

MF: One cannot talk about SPW without the mention of style, so I must bring up Jimmy Knehans. How does Jimmy fit into the equation?

JT: Most of my friends are my friends because they inspire me. Breedlove, Darian, Tommy, Starlight, GaGa, my mom, my band members and so on. Jimmy Knehans is also one of those friends. But he also stepped up to the plate to be a roadie/hypeman/visual director. All of the visual and fashion ideas that The Precious Empire and SPW has, Jimmy is the one to actually take the time to make it happen. Whether it's a nude leather jacket covered in grommets, or 12 foot champagne bottles with my face on it, Jimmy makes it happen.

MF: And thank the loooord he does! You're visual presentation is insane. How do your music and performance elements fit into the way you dress/your style aesthetic?

JT: I dress the way I feel: Beautiful. I write music that makes me feel amazing. I guess my music and fashion make sense together because it's all just me. Luckily people view a man wearing heels as dangerous. Ha! So that makes the essence of my fashion choices dangerous.

MF: Where do you/the band/Jimmy shop? For stage? For regular life? Oooor are they one in the same?

JT: We dress exactly the same on stage as we do in real life. Cole, Dan and Stevy buy clothes in thrift stores and small shops all over the world as we travel. Jimmy makes all of Stevy's signature "half jackets". And my clothes come from designer friends - Tommy Cole, LaQuan Smith - and then Jimmy Knehans creates all my custom signature pieces. Stuart Wietzman makes all of my custom heels, and my pantyhose come from dance stores and Wolford. Phew...that was a lot.

MF: Worst mainstream style trends of the last decade? Best?

JT: Flats and ironic t-shirts give me my period. Best? I'm really into the early 90's stuff that is coming back.

MF: Word association time! Respond with the first word/phrases that come to mind:
Hot pants//Love
Hipster//Abercrombie kid who found a thrift store
Turtlenecks//I prefer a Dickie
Midnight Snack//Champagne
Tube Tops//Always
Prince Albert//Serious
TV//I look great on it

Ha! Abercrombie kid who found a thrift store..there's about to be a widespread tantrum in Billyburg. obviously I have to mention GAGA. Lady, that is. What are 3 things that nobody knows about that tour?

JT: 1) SPW is a crazy rock band, GaGa is a crazy pop star, but we all take music REALLY seriously. 2) Whenever we have free time, which isn't often, we always find the nearest dive bar with the Lady. 3) Glamour is contagious.

MF: It most certainly is! After seeing SPW live, I just kept thinking - you guys are so quintessentially New York City. How has this fair city of ours influenced your style - musically and aesthetically?

JT: Well thank you much. We like to think that we are very NYC. What's very odd is that NYC really doesn't want to claim us. The Brooklyn "intellectual" indie pop craze is owning at the moment. But we actually started the band hoping to bring back the NYC we were obsessed with as kids. Max's Kansas City, The Factory, and so on. But at the moment NYC is convinced that if you have fun, you can be taken seriously. We will change that, but its a hard battle to fight.

MF: It definitely is - but I can think of some musical NYC kids on the come-up who are on that war path with you. So when you're not fighting the battle what do you guys do in your time off? Does time off even exist anymore?

JT: There is sooo much touring - and promo and all of these amazing things...there really isn't time off. And when we do have time off I spend it hanging out with my friends talking about ridiculous artistic ideas, so it ends up not being time off. But when you're literally living your dream, fuck time off.

If you had to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

JT: I would wear pantyhose, nude fishnets, 5 inch sparkle heels, and nude leather jacket covered in gromets. Boom! Actually, Jimmy Knehans does wear the same outfit every day - an army green pant/skirt and a tshirt.

MF: Ah yes I saw him running around at the Bowery. If anybody can pull off the pant/skirt it's him. What's your intention when you head on stage?

JT: To make everyone have a really really good time. Including myself.

What's worse...
Too much makeup or not enough?//Not enough.
No sex ever again or no music?//No music.
Uggs or kitten heels?//Uggs.
Fox News or...wait, maybe there's nothing worse than Fox News?//I love Fox News. Its so ridic, its like performance art.

MF: You're interviewing a celeb. What's the first question you ask him/her? Who would you want to interview most?

JT: Mae West - Where you this intelligently dangerous as a teenager?

MF: Final words from the Justin Tranter?

JT: You love You."
Source: Huffington Post

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheap Pop Interviews Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons

Jon Chattman and Andrew Plotkin of interviewed Justin Tranter this week about their new studio album, jewelry line, and touring. has been following Semi Precious Weapons since before 2007 and have plenty of great interviews on their website for you to check out! I spy: Darian Darling, Breedlove... and a black cabbage patch doll??

The interview was also posted in the Huffington Post:

"Justin Tranter probably knows it by now. How could he not? All signs continue to point toward rock and roll domination, and the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons is just days away from another sweet taste in that direction. So, yeah he probably knows what's on the verge of happening.

As he plucked his glossed lips, and subtly-clicked his high heels together (yeah, you read that right), the Chicago native discussed going on tour next week with pop's reigning queen, Lady Gaga. For Tranter and SPW, it's their second "Monster Ball" tour of duty with Ms. G, but the first time they'll be doing it while in the midst of promoting their new album "You Love You" - which, of course, was produced by Gaga.

While the band has a long, loving history with the artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta (she used to open up for SPW back in the day), SPW have actually been building a loyal fanbase of their own...on their own for years. Rigorous touring and buzzworthy songs like "Magnetic Baby" (You know you downloaded it for RockBand2) have made for a legion of followers who haul ass to each show wearing little, dancing a lot, and making for likely some of the finest moments in androgynous rock music scene history.

From a swanky Queens hotel, I spoke with Tranter on everything I just wrote about, his burgeoning jewelry line (Fetty), and what the future holds for SPW."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons at UCSD

Check out Semi Precious Weapons' Set at UCSD shot by the most amazing weapon, Will!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Minutes and 45 Seconds of Gorgeous!

Check out this GORGEOUS vid posted by Darian Darling
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