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FAB Friday: LaQuan Smith

Hey there divas!  It's Friday and you know what that means, right? FAB FRIDAY YA'LL!  Today we're featuring, LaQuan Smith, who has been recently titled, "The New Wave of Fashion"  LaQuan is a 21 year old designer born and raised in Brooklyn NY.  His brilliant designs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Aubrey O'day, Amber Rose, and other celebrities but most important he has designed for our boy and resident diva, Justin Tranter!  He has been designing and shooting his own clothes for 8 years and has a serious knack for designing high-end beautiful clothing.  Persona magazine recently covered LaQuan's beautiful A/W 2010 Collection and this is what they had to say, "An enthusiastic crowd of downtown fashion “It” boys and serious fashionistas  gathered in an intimate location in midtown Manhattan to view Queens native, LaQuan Smith’s F/W collection during NY Fashion Week. A refreshing, bold and exuberant collection, Smith’s Fashion Week debut was a flawless blend of daring pieces and wearable garments. His “Water Goddess” collection was made up of mermaid inspired silhouettes, oceanic influenced prints, leggings reminiscent of fish scale, blue neoprene jackets and sand colored pieces made this collection the embodiment of daring yet accessible fashion.

The models presented each piece with the confidence and the attitude embodied in each garment. Smith’s collection included barely-there mini’s, jaw-dropping body-suits, see through tops, bold statement jackets and body-hugging dresses. Vogue’s Andre Leon Tally clapped while models exhibited the valiant yet ultra-feminine Fall/Winter collection. Eye-catching, daring and dripping in sex appeal, it is little wonder that this 21 year-old wonder kid has already become a favorite of  the sirens of  music. Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Ciara have all donned his designs.

Soft–spoken, humble and gracious, LaQuan Smith is a young designer at the foot of his promising and exciting career. An American designer with hopes of taking his eye and influence to the couture houses of Paris, LaQuan Smith is truly the next wave of American design. Just ask Andre Leon Tally. - L.E Flores"
Check out some of the beautiful items Justin donned that were designed by LQ:

And this video from his A/W 2010 collection featured at NY Fashion Week

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Destination: Rock Show" Semi Precious Weapons

Posted 10:26am on 02/25/10's newest project Destination: Rock Show went behind the scenes of the SPW Video Shoot for 'Semi Precious Weapons' to interview our boys.  Check it out:

"We recently put our heads together to create a new web series based on the culture surrounding local music called Destination Rock Show. Through a friend of Sidehatch we got the opportunity to hang out with Semi Precious Weapons on the set of their first major label video shoot. Lucky for us the shoot was exactly what we were looking for. The inspiration for the video was their life and experiences together as a band, which translates to: a rock and roll party at an intimate venue in New York City.
What are Semi Precious Weapons? In the words of lead singer Justin Tranter: “filthy, violent but beautiful rock and roll.” Picture four dudes from Berklee; now picture one of those dudes in skin tight leggings, high heeled stiletto boots, flashing his nipple while shouting obscenities and how he’s going to sleep with your girlfriend after the show…  More on this later. First let me tell you about their video shoot.

We arrived on set; where they were shooting at the Studio in Webster Hall. A cool 300 capacity venue our friends KID:NAP:KIN recently rocked. We were greeted by Matt from Interscope who explained how they were currently shooting in a decked out men’s room. I thought to myself….ah, ‘filthy glamour.’ Since we were all feeling pretty famished we went out to grab a quick bite before meeting up with the band. When we came back we were hustled through the crowd and squished into the green room, amongst suit cases spilling with batty get ups, makeup artists, feathers, sparkles, masks and champagne bottles plastered with Justin’s face, hairdressers and friends of the band primping to rock out in full glam.

The band piled onto the couches to answer a couple questions with us. I didn’t even have time to think as Matt introduced me to them. Wait, have I ever interviewed a band before? Who are all these fantastically dressed people hanging out in here? Didn’t I prepare a bunch of questions for these guys- where did I put those? Fallon was standing there, flip cam in hand, waiting for me to start so I had to say something. Eek! “How is it playing at Radio City Music Hall?” “Magical.” So we were off, our first webisode for Destination Rock Show. It was great hanging with the guys; Justin, Dan, Stevey and Cole; they were fun to talk to, sweet, genuine and undeniably charismatic. We chatted with them for a couple minutes before they had to shoot the next segment in the “gentlemen’s room.”
While they finished shooting in and around various parts of the venue we checked out the bands on the bill for the night in the Studio. When the set wrapped up everyone was cleared out except for those “who had the look.” “You know who you are.” Now the only inhabitants of the venue were folks of truly unique creativity and flamboyancy.Dan came by to make sure we were sticking around to party. We assured him we were pro at rocking out. No extras were hired, the band called up their friends and said ‘hey we need to show everyone what a rock and roll party with SPW is like, get here!’

While the cameras, track, and lights were set up we were left to party to some good jams, hang with some of the band’s friends and really just have a good time.  For the remainder of the night we were encouraged to rock out like our lives depended on it, no, really rock out, ‘not like some NYU dorm party.’ Everyone was dancing like mad. At one point, while a member of the crew kept pushing us back into the crowd away from the camera track, we found our selves jumping (via fist pump) and rocking right in the thick of everyone with Justin smack dab in the middle of us. Everyone was awesome, each person added to the aura with an extravagant outfit or unrivaled dance moves. There were ladies in giant feathered wings, go-go dancers (male and female) in underwear, boas, faux fur, fauxhawks, masks, make up for all genders, sparkles, sequence, you name it. Glam rock is back.

When was the last time you saw a band that is trying to change the world’s view on music, fun, sex, gender, rock and roll, and glamour? Unless you have been transporting to and from Brit rock shows in the 80s featuring AC/DC, you haven’t seen anything like this. Watching Semi Precious Weapons on stage is like a rock and roll Altoid; curiously strong, you want to spit it out at first, but it’s just so good you have to keep sucking it. Sitting in the orchestra section at Radio City Music Hall where SPW opened for Lady GaGa, the night after the shoot at Webster Hall, we witnessed the initial disorientation first hand.  The facial expressions on the folks around us were priceless. They sat there with their jaws on the floor, speechless, once in a while you’d hear a “what-the-f is this?!” from one of the dudes whose date was out perusing the GaGa merch. The outrageous behavior of SPW is an absorbing dose of the car crash effect. You can’t turn away. You MUST watch; and then, miraculously, you realize you’re getting your face melted off by unrivaled raw intensity and glam slammed like its 1983. 

The band recently signed to Perezious, HausOfGaGa, Streamline, Geffen, Interscope records. They are a filthy glam rock band out of New York City who just recorded their self-titled EP at Ocean Way Recording with producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig. You can get your hands on three songs off their EP released January 19th; the remainder of their “You Love You” album is set to drop later this spring.

Semi Precious Weapons are…
Justin Tranter: vocals
Cole Whittle: bass
Daniel Crean: drums
Stevey Pyne: guitar

On The Inside With Bass Player Cole Whittle…

CK: How will touring Europe, Japan, AUS & NZ be different from touring in the US? Where are you most pumped to play?

CW: In the nicest way possible, touring overseas is exciting because the rest of the world isn’t as boring. We want screaming kids that still love exciting music. Japan is gonna be troublesome because Stevy may assemble a harem and disappear. Also, the UK is filthy fun and Aussies are big sex.

CK: What do you like best about touring together?
CW: We are like a family, the way real rock & roll bands should be. Touring is like a bad beach vacation.

CK: Do you guys have any pre or post show rituals you would like to disclose to our readers?
CW: Before the show every night, Justin sings opera and ghetto rap while doing splits. Dan barks like a small dog. Cole does muay thai and drinks whiskey. Stevy plays guitar. Truth.

CK: What is one thing EVERYONE needs to know about SPW?
CW: Something everyone should know about SPW is that we expect you to like us, but if you hate us, we still expect you to like something f-ing exciting. We hope you all get laid!"

-Source:  D:RS

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Semi Precious Diaries - Episode I

Fab Friday Features: Lady StarLight

Today on "Fab Friday" we're featuring Lady Starlight!

We chose Lady StarLight because I, being a major music buff was so impressed with her extensive knowledge.  As soon as I learned she had the band Sparks on her podcast, I was in love. 

(FYI. I went through a phase where I was listening to really Japanese inspired pop music like Aneka and then found Sparks & was just obsessed)

But nevermind all that, Lady Starlight is an indescribable artistic phenomena that's also part of the precious empire.  We looked to her fansite for a proper description and they hit it on the head perfectly referring to her as "The queen of downtown New Yorks nightlife"

They write "she's been an influence on the Lower East Side club since since the early 2000's. Starlight is also known for her extravagant and unconventional street style. Inspired by the glitz and glitter of Ziggy Stardust to the spandex and leather of Iron Maiden, her look is always rooted in the sights and sounds of rock! Lady Starlights mission: to push rock n roll back into the pop culture spotlight while introducing this decadent world to a new generation of fans. "

And she is doing just that, with her outstanding knowledge of all things rock and her Fucking Fabulous store, Consume,  Lady Starlight is the perfect rep. for anything fab.

Wanna rock some vintage SPW style? Visit to get your fab fix!

SPW Performs for Mac V-Day Party

What did you do on v-day? If you were in NYC chances are you were at Milk Studios watching our boys play their hearts out... If you weren't then... well.. why NOT??

"Surf Lodge at Milk Studios was also quite the happening scene as the younger kids jammed to the Semi-Precious Weapons who performed at the MAC Valentines Day party. Lots of love filled the space (and by love we mean PDA) as Richie Rich danced about and Justin Tranter performed an outfit change right up there on stage."

For More Fabulous Photos like the one on the right visit

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Good Afternoon Weapons! Sorry we haven’t updated in a while. Jawsh is starting hair school and I’m on P90x so i’m sore like 99% of the time. But… While we were out (i’m sure you knew this anyway, but i’ll post it regardless.)


We thought it was going to be on the 13th but those skalliwags released it on the 12th. (Jawsh and I, being broke had no internet at the time and made up an excuse so we could use our neighbors computer to watch!) and it was soo worth it. The internet is a buzz with the new filthy fucking glaMOURous video and here is an article we plucked by a guy who has a column called Burger With Relish… and his last name is BURGER! Get it???
here it is:

“Buzz-builiding neo-glam band Semi Precious Weapons premiered their new video for their track Semi Precious Weapons Feb. 12 on MySpace and it is currently ranked as the No. 1 video on the social networking site.

The video was shot at Trash, a premiere NYC nightlife club.  Below is a note from frontman Justin Tranter about the “Semi Precious Weapons" video

“We really, really, fucking really, wanted to make a REAL NYC party video. Every band, pop star, guitar player, and girl group has made a quote unquote Party Video. But we wanted ours to be real. So we asked DJ Jess if we could take over his “Trash” party downstairs at Webster Hall since we had played that party so many times before. And then we had our actually bff’s and true fans fill the place. Lady Starlight, Darian Darling, Breedlove, Knehans, The Jocelyn, Mz Eddy, Stormy Leather and obviously us, Semi Precious Weapons all hung out, changed outfits, and lived life to create the best party video of all time. Champagne was spit, sex was had, filthy glaMOUR was created and The Precious Empire reigned supreme to create our dream rockNRoll party video.”

Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons | MySpace Music Videos

Fab Friday: Darian Darling

Good Morning Weapons and welcome to a new segment called Fab Friday! Where every Friday we give you an extra dose of fab. Which we know we all need time to time.

Our first FAB FRIDAY features Darian Darling. (But since Jawsh and I have been paying homage to Oprah this month, calling it Oprah History Month we feel obligated to announce everything like Oprah does. So here it goes.)

“Today on this Fab Frriday. We have a very special guest today girlfriend, straight from New York, shes blonde, beautiful, and FABULOUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS.

Darian Darling is a celebrity confidant and homemaker living in New York City. Her blog is seriously one of the most fabulous things because it has a point and its very well put together by going to or you are immediately immersed in not just everything blonde, but everything fabulous.

She gives you hair and make-up advice such as tips to getting a brighter blonde and what products certain celebrities used to get their look Shes smart in what she covers and what she knows, she takes you through Darling Décor and gives us inside looks from inside her lusciously Lucite apartment all the way to Jayne Mansfields pink palace. All the while mixing in short bios of other blonde darlings and her mini adventures.
But our favorite section of the website is the Darling Delights, this diva knows how to bake! We had to try a recipe out and we picked Atomic blondies because were totes Debbie Harry Fans, and they were out of this fucking world.

So stop reading this and go to her site already bitches. Get your dose of FAB!

20 Watts Interviews SPW

Hear the Interview Audio here:

“Led by filthy rock n roll purist Justin Tranter, Semi Precious Weapons, are the gritty opener act touring with Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball Tour, but dont be fooledthese guys are quite the showmen themselves. They keep it simple: they want to party, and they want you to have fun, and they do it in high heels. They started out like your average rock band, but the road they took to get to where they are now is anything but average. Keep a look out for their debut LP You Love You at the end of March.

20 Watts: Describe your bands overall attitude and style.

Justin Trantor: The overall attitude is to make balls-to-the-wall rock n roll that kicks ass, and is really fun. We want people to have fun, to party; we want people to get laid. I think thats what the whole point of rock n roll should be, and another important part is danger, excitement, and kids parents should be mad at them for listening to usall of those good things. Obviously we also get the glam label thrown at us, and I think thats just because I wear high heels, but theres definitely a lot of worse things to be called than glam.

20W: Some people say youre like the glam version of The Sex Pistols. Ever heard that before?

JT: I think my favorite quote was that were like The Sex Pistols if they came out of the Warhol scene. I think thats our favorite description of our band ever.

20W: Maybe its me, but I havent heard that many glam-inspired acts in a long time. Is this a re-awakening of glam-rock?

JT: Were not trying to make it a glam-rock revival at all. Ive always dressed crazy. I havent always looked like this. I havent always looked this fantastic. Fashion was always very important to me. I think thats where the glam comes from. Were not trying to make a glam-rock revival, were just trying to look fucking awesome, and have a blast. Rock n roll has looked so boring for the last 10 years, it has sounded so boring that people want something to call it, and glam is just the easiest thing to call it because we like to look cool.

20W: Your energy on stage is out of this world. Where do you get your inspiration?

JT: We all have a great time performing, and we feel there is no real reason to put on a live show if you arent going to enjoy it yourself. The audience isnt going to have fucking fun, if you arent having fun. Some of my favorite performers are Courtney Love, Lil Kim, Jay-Z, AC/DC, Axel Rose. All of those people perform their asses off, and thats what inspires me the most.

20W: How has the tour been so far? Whats been your favorite part?

JT: The tour has been fucking amazing. Weve been a band traveling in a van for the past three years, selling our own merch, booking our own shows, and in the last couple months we signed a major label deal, we have an amazing manager, and then Lady Gaga asked us to come on tour with her. We went from playing for 200 people in a bar to playing for 12,000 people in a fucking arena in Montreal. Its been really surreal. Its hard to say what our favorite part has been, the whole thing has been our favorite part. Just the fact that Gaga wanted a rock band to play with her, being the biggest pop-star in the world, I think is really fucking cool. I feel like a lot of people in the world dont even know what an amp is, let alone what a rock band is.

20W: Lady Gaga is the biggest pop star in the world right now. What is it like touring with her?

JT: Weve known Gaga since 2006, and her first shows as Lady Gaga were opening for us. Touring with her is mind-blowing since we get to play Radio City Music Hall four nights in a row, but on the other hand its just playing more shows with Lady Gaga like its fucking 2006. Its a really weird, amazing dichotomy of playing the biggest tour in the world and playing with our friend.

20W: Its such a huge tour. Its got to be a little hectic, right?

JT: Its not stressful at all, compared to driving ourselves around in a van and playing bars is a lot more than doing this. Everything is so organized, theres a stage manager, theres a monitor guy, a front of house guy, and theres all these different people to make it run more easily.

20W: Your image and sound is so unique. Whats the most common response when people see and hear you for the first time?

JT: I think the most common reaction is what the fuck? You either love us or hate us, they say what the fuck? because its something theyve never seen before.

20W: Is it true you originally funded the band by selling jewelry?

JT: I first started selling jewelry to set up the first couple band shows, because we didnt have a record, t-shirts, we didnt have anything, but I always had worked at jewelry stores as a day job. People responded really fucking well at the shows, so then I started selling them at boutiques around New York City. We made our first record with jewelry money, and it also covered all the times we flew out to Los Angeles to play shows. Barneys bought the line. We did a lot of things indie bands cant do, because of jewelry.

20W: What do you want your debut LP to convey?

JT: It sounds like real rock n roll, you can hear the real fucking instruments. Its as intense and as raw as our live show, but polished enough so we can play in between Lady Gaga and Jay-Z. Its still filthy, its still edgy, and still says things youre not supposed to say.”

Interview by Jett Wells

Rihanna and SPW don Laquan

Check out this picture of Rihanna posing for her new video ‘Rude Boy’ decked out in a gold ensemble designed by the fabulous LaQuan Smith.

When we saw this we immediately shot back to our main man Justin Tranter donning a similar black ensemble by LaQuan, back in May of 2009. Who wore it better?

P.S. my body would absolutely love that outfit.

Pop Ate My Heart/Etc...

Holy Crap, It’s already February Weapons!!!? Jawsh and I were sick so we skipped this Weapon Wednesday, but no fear! We will continue next Wednesday! Also we’ve changed our site. Our first five or six entries are on here and if you keep clicking previous entry you will make your way onto our blog. Other than that…heyyyyy.

Let’s recap over the shiz we missed this last week.

1. PEACH is the new fierce – declared by the beautiful @dariandarling and @preciousweapons via twitter. Learn it. Embrace It. and fucking love it.

2. SPW gave a fierce-ass (what’s new?) performance at the Roxy in L.A. And were giving away tickets, also via twitter.

3. Our fierce-ass divas were featured in a NYFT (New York Fuckin Times) article. found here.

4. New York Magazine featured our boys as “Low Brow/Brilliant” in their matrix featured here.

5. Also – Random Find – did a live interview with spw a week or so ago and we know we’re super slow in getting it to you but you can find it to your below.

Lastly, to all the weapons that view this site. We are in no way/shape/or form claiming to be the “first” spw fansite — in fact the first spw fan site is hosted by Thee Ryan Lee Johnson at — We just want to be able to bring you closer to all of SPW’s peachiness. It’s not a competition. we don’t sit around all day and plot on how to attack Ryan Lee Johnson – We’re fans just like you are.

Jawsh & A.J.

A Night Out with Semi Precious Weapons “Sharing the Spotlight”

Heres an article written by Ellen Carpenter of the New York Times about SPW, Ellen writes:

“JUSTIN TRANTER, the leggy, bleached-blond singer of Semi Precious Weapons, ended his bands set this month at Radio City Music Hall by turning a frenzied cartwheel and shouting the name of an old friend from the New York party scene, a girl who opened for his glam-rock group years ago. I say Lady, you say Gaga! he yelled. Lady! he screamed. Gaga! shrieked 6,000 or so tweens in platinum wigs, men in sequined vests and other, less fabulous, civilians.

This time, the Semi Precious Weapons were opening for Lady Gaga. Her rapid ascent has been a contrast to their slow and steady climb: the Weapons spent years building a fan base and this winter signed to Interscope Records, which will release their major-label debut, You Love You, in the spring. They have worked just as long on their style, which Mr. Tranter, who stands 6-foot-4 in his custom-made Stuart Weitzman heels, described as Marilyn Monroe fronting the Sex Pistols.

After their set, Mr. Tranter and his bandmates Dan Crean on drums, Stevy Pyne on guitar and Cole Whittle on bass retreated to their mirror-lined dressing room and opened Diet Cokes. They discussed their plans: Catch the beginning of Lady Gagas performance; grab a drink at St. Jeromes, their favorite Lower East Side bar; then off to their after-party at the Spotted Pig in the West Village. But first, a costume change.

They have been friends since 2000, as freshmen at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and each has his own style. Mr. Whittle, who wore a stonewashed denim poncho onstage, changed into a black-and-white woven poncho. I can turn anything into a poncho, he said. I could turn Dan into a poncho.

Mr. Crean nodded in agreement. He wore a hooded sweatshirt minus the sweatshirt, the remnant encircling his shoulders like a bizarrely hip monks cowl. I thought, Why do I love hoodies? he said. Because of the hood!

Mr. Pyne, an avid wig collector, considered exchanging his California-surfer shag for one more dramatic. The key is semi-obvious wigs, he said.

Mr. Tranter, who prefers pantyhose to pants, pulled on a pair of gold Lurex tights with a blue velvet print. My goal is that my makeup and style will inspire Midwestern housewives, he said. I want there to be a breakdown of Justins smoky eye in Cosmo.

As they watched Lady Gaga from the audience, Mr. Tranter was spotted by some camera-wielding fans. He obliged with one vampy pose before escaping through the stage door with his mates. At St. Jeromes, they met up with friends like Lady Starlight, the D.J. who introduced them to Lady Gaga in 2006. After 30 minutes of dancing and minimal drinking I dont like to pay for drinks, Mr. Whittle said the group cabbed to the Spotted Pig, where about 100 friends and fans-turned-friends awaited them. They took turns hugging and cheek-kissing almost every guest, many of whom wore temporary tattoos of Mr. Tranters head on their forearms (mementos from the bands music video shoot the night before).

About 2 a.m., after two glasses of Champagne, Mr. Tranter joined his bandmates by the bar. Im not going to say goodbye because Ill make a scene, he said. He hoisted his purse, gave the guys a wave and made a clean getaway.

SPW to Guest Star in 'Telephone'

According to members of Semi Precious Weapons, the band will be making a cameo in Lady GaGa & Beyonce’s new video, “Telephone”. It’s being shot in the desert! All I know is Beyonce, Lady GaGa ANNNNNND Semi Precious Weapons in the desert is going to make for the PEACHIEST fucking video we’ve ever seen. Stay Tuned for Updates.

Weapon Wednesday: BEATthatFACE

Today is the debut of our newest segment, ‘Weapon Wednesdays’. Where we feature one of the many SPW fans to tell us what drew them to SPW and to show us something they’ve done that was inspired by the band.
For our debut segment we were seriously lucky enough to wrangle Aric, the makeup genius behind the popular YouTube channel – BEATthatFACE Here’s what Aric had to say:

“When it comes to Semi Precious Weapons, there is no playing Russian Roulette. You can play these boys with a sure shot. I got my first round of their ammunition in the summer of 2008, when I watched a featurette of the band on the LOGO Network. At first, I set a target on Justin. It wasn’t hard. He 

was the perfect blend of David Bowie and Joan Jett, with the magical mystery of Stevie Nicks all in the same delicious cocktail. Then the spotlight got wider and included 3 more talented hotties. In the featurette, I first heard their self-titled song (SPW). It was just the right amount of dirty filth and diamonds pouring into my ears, circulating through my body and finally resting in my black vinyl heart. Like many others, I was an INSTANT FAN. Finally there was a group that was raw, and glaMOURous, without the overproduced sound. They didn’t need the studio tweaks. They were perfect just the way they were. There seemed to be no pretense. They LOVE their fans. That was apparent from the beginning, and still remains a truth … even with their newer successes, touring with one of the most creative and beautiful creatures that has ever come to our planet, Lady Gaga. The love between the fans and the band, the love of music and camaraderie, the love of filth and glaMOUR makes being a fan easier to swallow than a bullet ANY DAY.

Great music brings amazing inspiration to people. I was inspired by the glaMOUR of the band, and made a makeup tutorial on my YouTube Channel. It features a recreation of Justin’s makeup from the band’s debut album and includes my “date with Justin.” I’m a proud weapon … and happy to be a part of such awesome artillery.”

Big thanks to Aric for being such a FAB weapon. If you have art, songs, stories, pretty much anything that was inspired by Semi Precious Weapons,  email us at You can also find us on Twitter

Radio City Music Hall: According to Cole Whittle

Cole Whittle, the high-energy bass-wielding member of Semi Precious Weapons seen knee sliding in the video on your right – let us in on some of his personal thoughts in regards to performing at Radio City Music Hall, Cole wrote:
“Five months ago we left NYC for a three week tour in a busted murder van.  A week ago, as our new record rattled through our bus, we returned for four nights at Radio City Music Hall with Lady GaGa.
Holy hell.
During our stint at this esteemed venue, SPW broke every rule in the fuckin book.  Justin fed champagne to 13 year olds.  Stevy got tackled by security while doing windsprints through the crowd.  I got a lap dance. Duh.  Cops and security were fighting over who got to arrest us first.
Thank you for a warm homecoming New York.”

SPW - 'Semi Precious Weapons' Video Shoot

Couldn’t make it to Friday Night’s Shoot? Been depressed while watching everyone tweet about it? Well don’t worry. We feel the same way.
Thankfully was there to fill all the unlucky fans in on all the filthy deets:
“Friday night was pretty nuts.  My boys Semi Precious Weapons are back in town doing a bunch of dates with Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall. They decided to turn the weekly Trash party into a shoot for their song Semi Precious Weapons.  I figured the song was called I Cant Pay My Rent, But I Am Fucking Gorgeous being as that is the hook, but clearly I am wrong. Evidently its self titled. My fault.
Anyway, after hearing the song 25 times in a row Friday night I probably should be sick of it, but its a pretty serious song.  They have done a video for it before, and used it as the sound track to a Beatlemaniaesque promotional video. It was also on their first album, and their EP and I guess it will be on their next album too since they are doing a video for it and all I am sure they are sick as hell of it, but thats how the music industry works.  You have to promote the same 5 songs for three fucking years. Its pretty awful, but at least its a rad song and I am excited to see the video.
I did a pretty epic stage dive off a monitor into a crowd of 18 year old girls. Everyone moved out of the way and I landed on my back but not before putting my hand into the lovely Suicide Girl Bettinas face. Woops. Justin from SPW announced to the crowd that I had done that the last time they played Webster Hall and informed me that I had broken his friend Kristas wrist in the process. I felt pretty bad about that since Krista is my birhday twin (May 29th, 1980).  No one broke anything this time, but my back still hurts like hell two days later. I hope it makes it into the video, but I have my doubts…”
Continue reading this fabulous article HERE… and also view the hanus gallery of fierce pictures fom that night!

Artist to Watch: Semi Precious Weapons sat down with Justin to talk about what inspires his “sass”

“Whos broke and tours with Lady GaGa? Semi-Precious Weapons. I cant pay my rent but Im fucking gorgeous sings lead singer Justin Tranter. But with a new album out this spring and tour dates with the perpetually pants-less Lady GaGa (as part of her worldwide Monster Ball Tour), the glam-rock band may soon be able to afford things far more fabulous than rent.
Uncensored Interview sat down with the spotlight-grabbing front man back in 2008, and its no surprise the band has come so far in less than two years. Catchy guitar riffs combined with his flashy onstage antics have garnered comparisons to AC/DC, Queen and David Bowie. Rolling Stone suggested Tranter is like Adam Ant, T.Rexs Marc Bolan and Ziggy Stardust wrapped into one, singing lead on AC/DCs Back In Black.
Formed in New York City in 2004, the band released a new EP January 19 that includes three songs from their upcoming full-length, You Love You. The tracks were produced by Joseph Puig (Green Day, Beck) and executive produced by tourmate Lady GaGa. (We bet there were some fashion tips exchanged in those studio sessions, too).
And if you're wondering where Tranter gets all that sass, he borrows it from talented rock stars who have proven themselves worthy of admiration, in addition to tabloid trash who havent done much of anything.” is currently down but the interview will be posted later.

Semi Precious Weapons – Sole Opener of Tonight’s Monster Balll posted this morning that Semi Precious Weapons will be back tonight as the sole opener for the sold out Lady Gaga concert in Purdue
“The band led by bleach blond vocalist Justin Tranter will start at 7:30 p.m. and play for 30 minutes. Gaga will hit the stage at 8:30 p.m., according to Student Concert Committee officials.
R&B singer Jason DeRulo, who was the second act before Gaga’s Jan. 14 cancellation, will not play tonight.” Reviews SPW at Radio City Music Hall’s Jessica Robertson wrote an absolutley glaMOURous article about SPW’s Radio City Performance. Read the brilliance below:
“We are Semi Precious Weapons from New York motherf—ing City,” campy frontman Justin Tranter began during the band’s opening slot Saturday night on Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. “Our job, which we are f—ing honored to do, is to get you bitches wet and excited for Lady Gaga.”
Mission: accomplished.
It had been 6 months since SPW were home, and, as Tranter recalled, four years since the band first shared a bill with Lady Gaga. “It was 50 blocks south of here and there were 12 people,” he said. “We’re just really f—ing happy you aren’t 12 people.”
Tranter, a 6-foot-tall Ziggy Stardust meets Rocky Horror caricature, strutted onstage dressed in only fishnets, stripper boots and a mesh tank, screaming his now infamous cheeky line: “I can’t pay my rent but I’m f—ing gorgeous.” His oversure lyrics and banter were bolstered by a short but no less impactful and raunchy set of riff-heavy glam rock, including songs ‘Magnetic Baby,’ ‘Put a Diamond In It’ and ‘Sticky With Champagne.’ The latter found Tranter popping a bottle onstage, replete with his own picture on the packaging (“because why the f— not,” he asserted). He then called for all those in want of the bubbly to approach the stage.
“We got in trouble a couple of nights ago because I fed champagne to minors,” Tranter said. When an audience member was hesitant to take a swig, Tranter made one demand: “New York, I know there’s a lot of rules here but have some fun. It’s rock ‘n’ roll so get your tits out!” With that, Tranter had at least 10 eager mouths at his feet.
A couple of nipple flashes, crotch grabs and curtsies later, Tranter stripped to his skivvies for an onstage costume change (opting for Marilyn Monroe tights, silver glitter boots and a grey tank, natch) which would carry the band — who just released their self-titled EP — through the set. But not without one parting wish: “We are Semi Precious Weapons and tonight, we hope that you get laid.”
Unabashedly inappropriate but wholly rock ‘n’ roll. Just as it should be.”

'You and Me Could Write a Bad Romance'

One of our, Semi Precious Twitter followers was gracious enough to forward us to his fabulous blog, where he had some uber-nice things to say about our boys.

Don’t worry we’ll spread the wealth. @eviljordan writes:

“OMG. I JUST left Lady Gaga’s last NYC performance at Radio City and lets just say I am now at home, blogging for you beautiful people and ALMOST totally sober!  SRSLY, what a great show! Super-well designed, choreographed and just all-around fun. The sound system at Radio City is phenomenal and even though I was a little apprehensive as it was my first rock concert in a venue with seats bolted to the floor, it was an awesome experience.

What you may or may not know, however, is that the opening bands lead singer (and one of my first-ever friends from NYC when I moved here 10 years ago), Semi-Precious-Weapons Justin Tranter, is also the brilliant designer behind the Fetty line of jewels that we proudly carry in the CO-OP. I took a picture of my girlfriend wearing a very old, very original piece of his jewelry while at the show (shown to the right) While the same style chain has since been phased out, the guns and hearts and precious metals are still readily available. People wouldnt stop harassing her about her necklace!
Semi-Precious-Weapons is opening for the entire rest of Gagas world tour. If you havent seen them perform, see it. If you havent listened to their music, listen. If you dont own a necklace well thats just foolish and can be remedied immediately. PEACE, OUTSIDE!

- Jordan “will probably never be allowed to post again” Holberg, E-Commerce Manager”
Check out the photos of  the inFAMOUS Fetty Necklace and Jordan’s all access pass. Oh and if you aren’t following us on twitter yet… well. you should.

SPW to Headline NMS Grammy Party!

We just learned that our precious weapons are headling the NMS After Grammy Jammy!!!!YAYYYYYYY! writes:

“The original New Music Seminar (NMS) and Raise Up Music announce the exclusive NMS “After Grammy Jammy” Opening Night Party at The Roxy in Los Angeles on Monday, February 1st, 2010. NYC based filthy glamour rockers Semi-Precious Weapons, described by Spin Magazine as “like the Sex Pistols if they had emerged from Warhol’s downtown Factory scene,” will be headlining the party on a night off from their special guest spot on the Monster Ball World Tour with Lady Gaga.

NMS’ “After Grammy Jammy” will kick off the official NMS LA conference, set to take place first thing the following morning, Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 at The Henry Fonda Theater.

The evening’s stellar line-up will also feature the harmonizing indie folk band, Family of the Year, one of Spin Magazines “25 Must-Hear Artists” from the 2009 CMJ Music Festival, and U-N-I, the indie Hip Hip kids voted “Best Break-Out LA Artist” by MTV and featured in URB Mag’s “Next 1000″ and Billboard’s “Artists to Watch” among others. Chicago’s DJ Dan Morell will keep the music flowing between sets with his signature spinning skills.

Only NMS delegates will be able to enter the VIP schmoozefest and party. The evening will begin with a cocktail reception where delegates can network and mingle between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. This will be followed by a private show attended exclusively by NMS delegates, the media and official NMS partners including: NARAS, LA Weekly, Music Connection, Billboard, Digital Music News, Yahoo Music, MySpace Music, Hypebot, Filter Magazine, OurStage, RevebNation, Mozes, A2IM Indie Label Members and a host of new technology companies. It will be a great opportunity to meet and connect with all the top media and players in the music industry.

The next day at the official NMS conference, leaders from across the front edges of music, technology and beyond will speak and share ideas during this one day music, networking and educational extravaganza. NMS is the must attend one day for the industry (artists, managers, labels, etc.) who are seeking to learn and understand how to help artists “rise above the noise floor” in a shifting musical landscape.

The recently announced NMS Keynote speaker is Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek. Featured players (aka panelists) include: über producer, Rodney Jerkins; Kevin Lyman, President/founder Warped Tour; Alexandra Patsavas of Chop Shop Music; Justin Tranter, lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons; Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby and Jason Bentley, Program Director of KCRW.”

Congrats Guys! We know you’ll rock their fucking faces off!

Concert Riff Raff

We just opened a day or so ago so our fan site is still pretty virginal.  Unfortunately we weren’t up in time to catch all the reviews from when SPW joined the Monster Ball Tour so for the next couple of days we’ll update with an article called concert riff raff! An article full of miscellaneous reviews, vids, and pictures.
Our first update is about the Monster Ball in Chicago taken from–an article titled:
“How Lady Gaga (and the Monster Ball) Changed My Life: The Concert Review”
By Elizabeth, here’s what she had to say about our weapons:
“Semi Precious Weapons, much to my surprise, were the opening act, there to get us wet and excited for Lady Gaga. I love rockin glam boys, especially the kind who aggressively make uncomfortable straight boys even more uncomfortable like when Justin Tranter yelled, You think you’re horrified now, just wait until Im f*cking your girlfriends later! Or you know, just wait till a few minutes later when unprepared front-row kids got an eyeful of his boyjunk as he changed from a dress into leggings onstage. He taunted security, telling, this is rock n roll. You dance, have sex in public, and bleed. All at the same time! It was delightful chaos, even in suburban Chicago.”
We also have video of SPW performing Put a Diamond in It and Sticky with Champagne at Radio City Music Hall, Courtesy of the fabulous Beth R. from facebook!

Semi Precious Weapons Video Shoot in NYC

Throughout the week we’ve been viewing twitter updates from the SPW about their upcoming video shoot in NYC. SPW  tweeted:

“Filming a big party video Friday night downstairs at Webster Hall in NYC! 11pm-3am. Bring 2 outfits! “
8:35 AM Jan 20th   from txt

Check back later for even more photos from the shoot, as well as some reviews from our semiprecious-readers!

'Semi Precious Weapons Play ‘Surreal’ Radio City Gigs With Lady Gaga'

Linda Laban of writes

“One day after the Tuesday release of Semi Precious Weapons’ self-titled EP on Lady Gaga’s label imprint, Haus of Gaga, the Brooklyn-based glam rockers made their debut at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall. “It’s f—ing insane,” frontman Justin Tranter tells Spinner with a wicked giggle. “It’s the biggest thrill ever. We’ve been a band for the last three years and we’ve spent the time permanently in a van, driving ourselves around and selling our own merch, too, to every bar in America, including ones in Mankato Minnesota, wherever the f— that is! So, to be playing Radio City Music Hall is just surreal.”

These shows are the culmination of a North American theater tour, which started in Boston at the beginning of December. It’s likely that Gaga’s enormous success will necessitate larger, less intimate arenas in the future. After all, a punishing four nights in a venue like Radio City could have been over and done with in one fell swoop in a larger venue. It’s a real treat for fans, but a real test of stamina for the performers. “Luckily, as the opener, our show is only half an hour. I don’t know how Gaga does it, an hour and a half every night at one of the most prestigious music venues in the world,” Tranter says, clearly in awe.

Even though the show is a career-thus-far pinnacle for Tranter, he says he’s not nervous. “No, performing is my truly absolute favorite thing to do. I haven’t been nervous performing since I was in the seventh grade performing in the musical ‘Annie,’” he says, laughing. “If anything, in the best way possible, this is slightly overwhelming.” Clearly, he welcomes the attention. “I’ve been working my whole life for this,” he confirms.”

Semi Precious Weapons’ New EP Out Today – Tour Video mentioned SPW in their Rock Blogs section, and this is what they had to say:

“Semi Precious Weapons can’t pay their rent but they’re effing gorgeous! The Brooklyn rockers are thrilled to celebrate the release of their new self-titled EP as they wrap up their US tour with Lady Gaga with four shows at Radio City Music Hall in NYC this week. The EP was released today and is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Continuing on the Monster Ball Tour Throughout the World Through 2010!

Tranter is like Adam Ant, T.Rexs Marc Bolan and Ziggy Stardust wrapped into one,
singing lead on AC/DCs Back In Black

Rolling Stone 2009:
“Semi Precious Weapons looked and sounded like the Sex Pistols if they had emerged from Warhols downtown Factory scene.” 2009:
Semi Precious Weapons split the difference between AC/DC and Queen with fierce frontman Justin Tranter.

Boston Globe 2009:
“Filthy glamour front man Justin Tranter utters lyrics that are both tongue-in-cheek and a sincere expression of his core philosophy. The outrageous ‘I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous!’ is carrying this band a long way!”
Semi Precious Weapons new EP features three songs, the eponymous Semi Precious Weapons from which the aforementioned lyric is taken, as well as Magnetic Baby and Put A Diamond In It and gives everyone an opportunity to get an early blast of the bands forthcoming new album before it is released this Spring! All tracks were recorded in Los Angeles in November and December and were produced by Jack Joseph Puig (Green Day / Beck) and Semi Precious Weapons and executive produced by Lady Gaga. The recordings took place just before and during Semi Precious Weapons special guest spot with Lady Gaga on the Monster Ball Tour which continues worldwide throughout 2010. The new album will be released this spring!

The band is among the first artists using iTunes Complete My Album feature for an EP release. The purchase of the EP on iTunes, priced at $2.99, will count toward the purchase of the whole album upon release– A great way to download the whole album at a reduced price.

The band has been chosen by MySpace Music, the world’s premiere music platform, for their Introducing program. The program is designed to allow the discovery, and championing of new artists through a series of specially tailored online and offline promotional opportunities. MySpace Music debuted Semi Precious Weapons’ eponymously titled track this week to kick off their participation in the program.”

The New EP is Here!

It’s the moment we’ve all been FREAKING WAITING FOR! The new Semi Precious Weapons EP is finally available for download at and itunes.
This EP features Re-Releases of their hit songs, “Semi Precious Weapons” and “Magnetic Baby” as well as one of their brand new songs (featured on the intro page) “Put a Diamond In It”.
In case you weren’t aware, the EP is nothing other than Fabulous! Here are what a few reviewers off had to say:
K M “Malecken” (Grosse Pointe, MI USA) says:
“I cannot begin to put into words how much I love this EP. Thanks, SPW, for bringing back real honest-to-goodness rock and roll! This new recording of some of my favorite songs and the addition of an amzing new song make this a must have for any rock and roll fan!”

Real rock is back with a VENGEANCE!
Michelle Kolkey (Chicago, IL USA) says:
FINALLY! Real rock is back with a VENGEANCE! Semi Precious Weapons are exactly what we have been waiting for: uncut, uncensored, full throttle rock. The songs on this EP are all you need to know! Trust me, you’ll blast it non-stop. If you have been wondering who will defend the honor of rock and roll, now you know!
We couldn’t of said it better ourselves!  If you don’t have your own copy of the EP yet… well quit being a stupid bitch and get one already!