Monday, May 30, 2011

New Videos from Empire: Hotel Sheets

Check out this video of Semi Precious Weapons peforming one of their new songs, 'Hotel Sheets'!
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wanna Learn How to Play 'Semi Precious Weapons'?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SPW to Perform at Los Angeles Freedom Festival

"Michelle Peterson of the Empowering Spirits Foundation discussing the Freedom Festival to be held July 9, 2011 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park from noon to 10pm, brought to you by the Empowering Spirits Foundation and Monarch Productions. The festival features rock, country, pop, indie artists and popular DJ's (including Semi Precious Weapons, Kerli, Colette Carr, Dave Aude, DJ Icon, DJ Escape, Jared Ashley, Calpernia Addams, DJ John Joseph), and serves to educate the general public on the inequalities in our society"

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Precious Empire News: Lady Starlight Talks Fashion

Sasha Charnin Morrison, the fashion director for Us magazine talks fashion and gaga with lady starlight in her new book Secrets of Stylists: An Insider's Guide to Styling The Stars
Highlights from the interview:
Are you more interested in specific looks or specific designers?
"Most definitely specific looks! Designers don't interest me at all. I approach fashion from a socio-cultural perspective. I'm interested in what individuals have to say with their fashion choices. Fashion is the ultimate form of non-verbal communication. This is pretty obvious with sub-cultural fashion (which is my major are of interest), but everyone says something with his or her closes, even no statement is a statement."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Photo: Semi Precious Weapons by Roger Kisby

Photo By Roger Kisby
Super fierce photo courtesy of Roger Kisby who is also responsibe for the gems below:

Semi Precious Weapons @ Bowery Ballroom - Images by Roger Kisby

Lady Gaga with Semi Precious Weapons - Images by Roger Kisby

Semi Precious Weapons @ Good Units - Images by Roger Kisby

Sunday, May 8, 2011

WeTheUrban Magazine Interviews Justin

WeTheUrban Magazine also featured Fetty Jewelry as their number one 'Must-Have' for May!
 To check the full magazine out in all of it's glory just visit this link!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Semi Precious Weapons say "Thank You" to the Monsterball

All The Kicks: Art Gallery

LAist talks 'All the Kicks'

After spending months on the road playing music for Lady Gaga's little monsters, musician and artist Cole Whittle finds himself in Los Angeles feeling inspired to create an installation to express his ideas of artistic anarchy. Curated by Lenora Claire his new show opening at Pop tArt gallery tonight entitled All the Kicks. The exhibit, that will be on view next to Austin Young's Your Face Here, features multi-media work by Whittle. After he opens this aggressive new show (look for many images of him giving the finger), Whittle heads out on tour playing bass for Semi Precious Weapons on the Lady Gaga tour. While he was readying pieces for the Pop tArt show, LAist learned about about how Whittle approaches creating visual art, the forces that drive his rebellious choices, and how he gets his kicks.
LAist: When did you start making art?
Colw Whittle: In an attic somewhere, there lies a loose leaf mountain of my inability to focus in school and my supreme ability to draw barf and dogs pictures since kindergarten.
Do you still have any of the things you made when you were a kid?
When I was ten I made a sculpture of my ideal spaceship cockpit out of lumber and ten carpenter pencils. that gem followed me all the way to Brooklyn.
What will you be showing at Pop tART?
My show All the Kicks will be the disastrous result of putting my imagination in a small room in Koreatown. I made fashion, ink, print, poems, music, and sculptures. hopefully it will be radically vague as to what is which.
How did you find out about Pop tART and what has it been like to work with the curator Lenora Claire?
Lenora and I met when my band was being photographed by Austin Young. Knowing her has changed my life. Lenora is a walking universe all her own..., which is what I wish to be.
What inspires the imagery you create?
Trash. Rural versus urban. I hate symmetry. If I could kick it in the neck, I would. I love people who project bright light. If I can kiss them on the neck, I do.
What kinds of feelings are you aiming to evoke from the people who see your show?
My only hope is that a few people will say, ”this is cool”.
You always wear elaborately detailed clothing. How much of your wardrobe do you create yourself?
When I look down, I have to see attitude, ideas, and creativity or I feel worthless. Everything I wear is something that existed until I turned it into something that shouldn't exist.
Next you head out on tour with Lady Gaga with your band Semi Precious Weapons. How does the music you play influence your artwork?
All the adventure, energy, victory, and failure involved in playing music all over the planet helps my art.
What have you learned from playing with Lady Gaga?
Watching Gaga work day and night on her world has taught me to be less of a lazy punk and become whatever I want.
After the tour what's next?
After the tour I want to do another gallery show and continue to have all the kicks.

All The Kicks: An Installation by Cole Whittle

Cole Whittle, bassist from our favorite band Semi Precious Weapons, is opening an art installation at the PoptArt gallery in Los Angeles. From the ALL THE KICKS Facebook page:
"...In the 1980′s, Cole Whittle discovered art, classical piano, vandalism, and nun violence at a catholic school in Richmond, Va. Dig this!!…….His mother was a teacher at the school !!

In the 1990′s, Cole Whittle discovered girls, the bass guitar, punk music, and dare related crime at a public school in Richmond, Va. Dig this!! His future ex wife also attended this school !!

In the 2000′s, Cole Whittle discovered improvisatory music, the circus, marriage, and fashion through both a prominent music college in Boston, Ma and living in Brooklyn, NY for a decade. Dig this!! He spent thousands of hours studying jazz music, only to one day travel with a circus orchestra and eventually be a homeless dude in a dreadfully loud rock & roll band !!

In the 2010′s, Cole Whittle discovered performance art, world travel, and the power of losing everything through a band called Semi Precious Weapons. Dig this!! He has performed music while drunk in front of 2 million people in the last 700 days !!

In the 2011′s, Cole Whittle discovered that his intense love for all his previous discoveries had grown into an untamable, bright, wild, rebel force. Dig this!! He is loose, squatting in Los Angeles, and preparing for his first gallery installation titled, ALL THE KICKS !!"
The installation opens March 26th at PoptArt, check out the Facebook page for more info!

Justin Tranter & Cole Whittle Interviewed by James St. James

James St. James, infamous 80's club kid and author of 'Party Monster' and 'Freakshow', makes a run in with Justin Tranter and Cole Whittle (in addition to a slew of other familiar and not-so-familiar faces) while at the closing party for Austin Young's 'Your Face Here' at PoptArt gallery. You can see Justin's photo, and it is GORGEOUS!

New Videos from Empire!

New videos from EMPIRE have been posted on YouTube, and can I just say this new album is going to be THE SHIT?!

Empire Sodomizes L.A.

When a band like Semi Precious Weapons brings a weekly party to LA, you can best believe bitches are going to lose their goddamn minds. And so they have. Check out these photos and reviews of EMPIRE past, and BE THERE in the future!
 "Hipsters, goths, emos, metal-heads, genres are meaningless. SPW will find it's way into your scene and scrub it filthy, replaced with only images of Justin Tranter seared into your memory banks."
More photos after the jump!
Photos by Urban Nomad

And check out some of these great photos from LA Weekly's Nightranger:
Photos by Lina Lecaro

Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons in NAVY!

Justin Tranter was photographed by Ute Ville a few days ago displaying his GORGEOUS new Navy Blue look.  The king of glaMOUR tweeted that nude is out and navy blue is in.  We, at Semi Precious World would like to thank Ute for these photos! B-E-A-UTIFUL! View more pictures after the jump!


Semi Precious Weapons Video: New Songs

Check out these videos of SPW's new songs "L-I-V-E" and "Lay Your Lies" that debuted at EMPIRE last week while you prepare your self for the filth they are bringing you tomorrow!

Semi Precious EMPIRE!

The flyer says it all! Tonight's the second night of EMPIRE, and things are already looking to be pretty wild! Our boys will be debuting some new songs tonight (called it!), and bringing their trademark naughty, raucous rock and roll to On The Rox alongside Mia Presley and Breedlove. And I'm positive I'm only scratching the surface.
Check out these YouTube clips from last week, including one from @RodriguesMatt with great footage of the party, and a tip on where you can find the BEST steak and lobster in all of LA!

Empire Strikes Back

I hope you aren't doing anything these next few Wednesday evenings, and if you are, fuck whatever it was because Semi Precious Weapon are indeed bringing their sexual anarchy back to On The Rox. EMPIRE will be held every Wednesday at On The Rox on the Sunset Strip starting February 23 and ending March 30. The band is in town working on their new record (read: NEW FUCKING RECORD, FUCK YES), so it wouldn't be too farfetched to expect some new songs to be debuted. RSVP is required, and it's a small venue, so hurry up and shoot an email to!


Semi Precious Weapons' party at On The Rox was nothing short of what you'd expect from a party hosted my New York's filthy foursome. They tweeted this picture and it is complete, sex-driven, CHAOS. Oh, the cats I would have sacrificed to be there!

If you were there and you have pics you'd like to share, email us at and we'll put them on the site!
Check out this GORGEOUS preview of Breedl♥ve in Stil. Magazine.  We normally hate clowns but Breedl♥ve makes it "Precious". Original Thumbnail Below.

Precious Empire News: Lady Gaga releases 'Born This Way' single

Justin's always right, a quick touch goes really well with this song.  Semi Precious Weapons tweeted their support for fellow Precious Empire member Lady Gaga as she released her new single 'Born this Way', a liberating and confidence-inducing anthem for this generation.  Give it a listen and definitely tune in to iTunes later to get your download!

Cole Whittle says, "Be Cool"

Cole Whittle got Tatted Up recently - on the left side of his head...obvi. It says "Be Cool"
We can dig it.

Empire: A Rock N Roll Installation Party

Semi Precious Weapons are proud to present 'Empire: A Rock N Roll Installation Party' With performances created by SPW, Breedlove, and Mia Presley - who helped Semi Precious Weapons with their televised Pauly Shore performance.
You can RSVP to the party by e-mailing the venue is a very small venue so it's first come first serve! 
You DON'T want to miss this.