Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons Tell The Status Quo to "F-Off"

We Love a good interview with a dateline nbc intro... and i mean LOVE.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons Tour Dates & Tickets

Semi Precious Weapons are serving up the glaMOUR this fall with their headlining tour with opening artists, Lady Starlight & Breedlove.  SPW has a lot in store for this tour and we can't wait to see what they have planned. Check out the dates listed below to see if SPW is coming near you.  

9/20/2010 - Masquerade Music Park- Atlanta, GA, United States  -- BUY TICKETS!
9/22/2010 - Numbers - Houston, TX, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

9/23/2010 - The Loft - Dallas, TX -- BUY TICKETS!

9/25/2010 - Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

9/27/2010 - El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

9/28/2010 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

9/30/2010 - Subterranean - Chicago, IL, United States-- BUY TICKETS!

10/2/2010 - Wrong Bar - Toronto, ON, CAN -- BUY TICKETS!

10/3/2010 - Belmont - Montreal, CAN -- BUY TICKETS!

10/5/2010 - North Star Bar - Philadelphia, PA, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

10/7/2010 - Rock & Roll Hotel - Washington, DC -- BUY TICKETS!

10/8/2010 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY, United States -- BUY TICKETS!

10/9/2010 - Royale Club - Boston, MA - -- BUY TICKETS!

New Semi Precious Weapons Request Info!

New Zealand:
PHONE STUDIO: 0800 THE EDGE (0800 843 3343)
FAX STUDIO: 0800 FAX EDGE (0800 329 3343)
TXT STUDIO: Send your txt to 3343 (Txts cost 20c each)
 Phone:0800 DIALZM (0800 342596)
Fax:09 3674804
Text:ZMZM (9696)

 Phone us: 09 308 6600
Fax us: 09 308 6881

+64-9-308 5855

(09) 928 9000
Our on-air number is: 0800 C4 MUSIC (0800 24 68742).
Fax:(09) 366 5921


General Telephone: (03) 8420 3999
SMS: 1998 1069
STUDIO: 13 24 10

(03) 9414 1011

Phone No: 1800 15 11 00

Phone No: (02) 8899 9888
Fax: (02) 8899 9566
Don't Forget to Call, Tweet, E-mail and Facebook Alt Nation and ask them to play 'Semi Precious Weapons' by Semi Precious Weapons - It's the summer rock anthem for 2010!


New Garage Glam Facial Song: Details Don't Matter

Semi Precious Weapons - Afoot Interview

Anarchy At The Sunset Strip Music Festival

Semi Precious Weapons performance at the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Festival was shut down slightly early due to Justin inviting the crowd to join him on stage, yelling at the cops and security, "I'm fucking in charge! Let the fans on stage NOW!" Check out some utterly fab fan video of their time in WeHo!

Justin Inviting Crowd On Stage:

Coverage by WeHo Daily:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magnetic.. boobies?

The Daughters attacked the Fred Segal Performance on Tuesday in L.A. With a titillating dance to Semi Precious Weapons, 'Magnetic Baby'

Guest of a Guest Talks SPW After Party!

What do Semi Precious Weapons and Jamie Foxx have in common? Probably nothing except for that fact they they were both hamming it up last night at SPiN Hollywood. The band held a private after party for night one of their two-day L.A. stint with the Monster Ball Tour at the new, trendy ping pong social club where guests could get in some paddle action over cocktails. Well, that is if Foxx let them take a turn.
He was a total animal at the baseline for most of the night, nearly wetting himself when he walked in t
o find that the party involved ping pong and ran back out to his car to fetch his paddle.

Although it was portrayed as some loft-like space on the roof a big building overlooking the city in an episode of "Entourage" a few weeks ago, the real ping pong club is located off of the lobby in the Mondrian.  Despite the fictionalized aspects of trendy new spot, Soo Yeon Lee, the fierce Asian who played John Stamos' ping pong trainer really is a pro at SPiN, and was there kicking ass and taking names while sporting some fishnets and heels. Yeah, she's hardcore like that.

When the Semi Precious Weapons boys rolled in around 1am with their ever-present pack of wild child ladies with a penchant for flashing, Justin Tranter kind of stole Foxx's spotlight as that hot bitch stomped in wearing silver stiletto boots and more eyeliner than Taylor Momsen. From there it kind of turned into what you might expect from the glam rock brigade. You know, dancing atop furniture in five-inch heels, champagne spraying, dry humping on ping pong tables, and some nip slips.

Justin Talks to US Magazine

We know this is an older video but we hadn't gotten the chance to post it due to Internet Lameness in Kansas City! Enjoy!

"Semi Precious Weapons Tweet-N-Greet"

By Matt Elias of MTV

Semi Precious Weapons are known for their unabashed stage presence, flamboyant wardrobe and, maybe most of all, undying love for their fans. So when Lady Gaga's opening act hit Los Angeles for the Monster Ball Tour, the band invited MTV News along to witness firsthand a pre-show tweet-n-greet, with a very precious prize at the end.

SPW frontman Justin Tranter explained how it all goes down: "Every single day, we announce where we're going to have our Semi Precious Street Corner. So we show up somewhere every day to give away two tickets, free tickets, to the Monster Ball."

By the time the band tweeted their location from backstage and walked across the street from the Staples Center, 30 die-hard fans were already lined up. What followed was an energetic, impromptu trivia game to award tickets to the Weapons' biggest fan.Once they arrived, Tranter took command of the crowd to narrow down three finalists.

"What is the fourth song on our album?" Tranter asked.

" 'Statues of Ourselves,' " finalist #1 answered.

Tranter continued: "Finish the sentence: 'Rock and roll never looked so ... ' "

"Beautiful!" screamed finalist #2.

"Last question: What is his name?" Tranter asked, while pointing at the band's bassist.

"Cole!" finalist #3 shouted.

With the lightning round over, Tranter had one more declaration before he picked the lucky fan. "Now, listen, you can't hate me if you don't win tickets, because I love you all, I love you all — but one of you is going to get two tickets," Tranter said. "OK, this last part gets really fancy. Are you ready?"

He then broke into the playground-worthy selection method "eeny, meeny, miny, moe," landing on a tearful super-fan who traveled all the way from Australia.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Semi Precious Weapons Are a Hemingway Novel on Ice"

Fabulous, FABULOUS Interview Leila Brillson of interviewmagazine.com
"At least a (peroxided) head taller than the average guy, Justin Tranter, frontman of New York-based trash rock outfit Semi Precious Weapons, stands out. With bandmates equally bedecked in chains and gold, patchwork and hair dye, the group parts the crowd with ease. The Weapons aren't a household name yet, but their comrade-in-arms, Lady Gaga, certainly is (the friends made headlines when Gaga crowd-surfed with Tranter during his act, ending in a sloppy, audience-igniting kiss). The opening act on her Monster Ball tour, the boys are unabashedly loud, bombastic and glamorous. With his modelesque cheekbones and blinding hair, Tranter is the most noticeable, the others fill out his sentences as he speaks, occasionally even one-upping his signature hyperbole. Watching the four of them, there is an unmistakable sense of unity and friendship, even amidst their own personal chaos.

Though they know that the fans who love Gaga for her pop prowess may not get their grit and glam rock, the band doesn't care. As bassist Cole Whittle says, "We love playing in punk rock bars with 20 people just as much as we love as we love playing in an arena. We do the same shit, no matter where we are." Since Tranter and guitarist Stevy Pyne hail from Chicago, there seemed to be no better guides to the Midwest hedonism of Lollapalooza.

LEILA BRILLSON: So I know Justin and Stevy grew up in Chicago. So since we are here, where should we go?

JUSTIN TRANTER: Well, I love Belmont and Clark, which is like the classic punk area. Then Wicker Park is really cool, Bucktown is very exciting. Our favorite rock clubs are Cobra Lounge and Subterranean, and Cobra Lounge because its free.

BRILLSON: So, let's get this out of the way. Once upon a time, Lady Gaga opened for you. How did you become friends.

TRANTER: She was a big fan of ours, and we were looking for someone to open for us. And we heard she was really fun and a great performer. So we had her open for us, because it's difficult to find bands in New York that understand that its OK to have a good time. You can still be really talented and have fun.

DAN CREAN: New York doesn't think you can have sex and like it.

TRANTER: [LAUGHS] We share that same mentality. Gaga the person is much like Gaga the celebrity. She is very sweet, loyal and funny with her fans, and she is very sweet, loyal and funny with her friends. On stage, she is over-the-top, ridiculous, dirty and genuine on stage, and she is very over-the-top, ridiculous, dirty and genuine with her friends.

COLE WHITTLE: She's a rock 'n roll chick at heart. She's not a pop star.

BRILLSON: So what is it like coming from the clubs in New York to major arenas?

WHITTLE: Well, there is less crimes in the arena, less sex in the bathroom. But we like that stuff, but who doesn't. That's where our band was born. That's why we are making music.

BRILLSON: So, tell me about You Love You, which came out a month ago, and the response. It was a long time coming, and what was finally getting an album out like?

TRANTER: The response has been amazing. We hit the top 15 in album sales for every city we've played in. It's a sign that when people actually hear us play, they really like us. So hopefully one day we'll get on the radio and the TV, and then everyone will buy us.

WHITTLE: And then we will be number one at everything, in the world.

TRANTER: [Laughs)]We recorded it in LA with Jack Joseph Puig. It was kind of a dream come true. He's a weirdo like us, who believes in talent and fashion. He looks like Willy Wonka–not facially, but "fashionally." That's a word now, I say. We have this weird thing called a "rock band," where you actually play instruments at the same time, which doesn't happen anymore.

WHITTLE: We use real drums–which is unheard of–and no keyboards...who's ever heard of that? And a guitar that solos. There are no tropical robots on robots.

BRILLSON: What's a record without tropical robots?

WHITTLE: [Sarcastic] What's this fresh new sound?

BRILLSON: Well, while you are on the road with this fresh new sound, how do you guys and Gaga stay grounded to your New York roots?

CREAN: We party as much as possible. Literally, our occupation is acting like a bunch of 16-year-olds.

TRANTER: And we still hang out with Gaga, which we've always done in New York.

WHITTLE: If both of us had failed, we'd still be doing shows together to a hundred people in New York City right now.

TRANTER: Now that she has Lady Starlight DJ-ing the first hour of our show, it really is our whole posse. It really is the new New York, which is funny, because New York really didn't like us. Venues didn't want to book us, so we created this little world with about a thousand people coming to every show, but everyone else hated us. Now, we are playing all over the world and 10,000 people come to our show... and New York still hates us.

WHITTLE: And 12-year-olds come to the show, and Lady Starlight plays Black Flag and Pantera, and they are like, "What the fuck?" And then we play, and hurt ourselves and hurt everyone else, and they are like, "What the fuck?" And then Gaga comes on and the kids see an epic, futuristic show...basically a Hemingway novel, on ice, and they say, "What the fuck?"

BRILLSON: A Hemingway novel on ice? Thanks, you just gave me the name for this piece. Speaking of crazy styles and mashups, can you boys tell me about your look?

TRANTER: My fashion is inspired by Tina Turner and Sharon Stone. I'm wearing a nude leather jacket with gold grommets by Kimmy Him, and fishnets, and Fetty Jewelry, my line that is now sold in Barney's. Also, Stuart Weitzman heels, which he makes for me, because I'm a 12.5 women's wide.

WHITTLE: I'm inspired by LL Cool J, Turbo from Breaking, Don Knotts, Elvis, James Dean and common street trash.

CREAN: I'm Marc Jacobs on the bottom, NWA on top.

STEVY PYNE: I take my inspiration from a methadone clinic...and Weekend at Bernie's.

TRANTER: All of my clothes can fit into a Ziploc bag. But I wear less than my bandmates.

BRILLSON: So after Chicago, where to?

TRANTER: LA. We really like LA because it really likes rock and roll. The tourist attractions in LA are rock clubs. Even though LA can be kind of tacky, when a city's big draws are The Roxy and the Viper Room, you know its pretty amazing. Anywhere where rock and roll is number one, we are at home."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another GREAT video of Lady Gaga and Justin Stage Diving

If You're Going to Be In L.A. This Tuesday...

Then you NEED to RSVP to Semi Precious Weapons Private Performance! Only 50 fans are allowed, the boys tweeted "LA! We have a private performance this Tuesday. There is room for 50 fans. The 1st 50 to email rsvp@semipreciousweapons.com will get in!" So get to emailing weapons!

Lollapalooza Stage Diving

Video of the now infamous, Lollapalooza Stage Dive! Courtesy of Last Night's Party

Lady Gaga Stage Dive from Bronques on Vimeo.

Have You Seen This Yet?

Magnetic Baby

Semi Precious Weapons | MySpace Music Videos

 On top of their epic performance at Lollapalooza, Friday was also the day the new video for 'Magnetic Baby' was released! Check out the filthy glaMOUR above!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Semi Precious Palooza

Semi Precious Weapons played Lollapalooza in Chicago today. After the set, SPW tweeted "@ladygaga just watched our whole show, then made out w/ Justin and then stage dove!! RockNRoll is BACK!" Justin told MTV that Gaga watched their set from the side of the stage and after playing drums and singing back-up, decided to join Mr. Tranter in a hot-ass-lollapalooza-make-out sesh followed by a dive into a crowd of monster weapons. Our boys play an 11pm set at RockIt, a 1AM dj set at the Beauty Bar and a 3AM dj set at the Underground!