Thursday, August 18, 2011

Semi Precious Weapons Featured in Lady Gaga VMA Promo

Semi Precious Weapons appear in the new promo for Lady Gaga's 2011 VMA performance on 8.28.11 along with other members of the Precious Empire and the Rivington Rebels.  The promo also features some Justin face art, whiskey, blood, and lots of blonde weave.

In the full promo, scenes of Gaga hanging out with her crew — drinking, dancing and being merry — are mixed with Gaga chilling out with a jazz band performing a slowed-down version of the latest Born This Way single.

Sitting at the piano during the shoot, Gaga tells the room, "I'm so happy my friends are here."
MTV News was on hand when the promo was shot, and Gaga said it's meant to give fans an inside look at what it's like to hang with the Mother Monster. "I really wanted it to be real, and I knew that MTV wanted it to be a true documentation of my life, and as someone that lives halfway between reality and fantasy, so do all my friends," she told us on set. "So I felt [it would be] an injustice to not sort of honor them in this short film that we did."
It seems that living "halfway between reality and fantasy" means just having a really, really great time listening to tunes and living it up. "I brought my friends here, and we did a jazz rendition of 'YoĆ¼ and I,' and we sort of just hung out together," she said. "And played around and did what we usually do, which is be creative with one another and talk about music and art and fashion and f--- around."

MTV HD Version:

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If you can't view MTV's video on your phone, here is a lower quality youtube version:

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